About our wallpaper patterns

By February 11, 2019 News

Are wallpaper patterns easy to create?
We often have been asked if creating surface patterns is easy. After all, they all looked the same and merely repeated. Depending on who you ask, but I can assure you the job of a surface pattern designer isn’t as easy as one thinks.

Research and Concept Generation
Behind each pattern design, lies an intricate web of processes. From working with a defined set of colour palettes, sketchings, right down to researching the current interior design trends. Every designer we have worked with is different. They each have their forte in either modern geometrics, organic florals, nurseries or the timeless retro styles. But they all draw inspirations from the world around them. These can be their childhood, travels, classic fairytales and folklore, or even trips to the flea markets.

Intuos Pro tablet

A graphic tablet is used for converting sketches into digital format.

Arranging Forms
When designing repeating patterns, our designers would strive to achieve a balance between visual unity, a variety of forms and maintaining contrasts between shapes and colours.

Colours and contrasts

Working on forms


Selecting the right media
Once we have decided on the colour variations, we would then proceed to print samples on different media. The surface textures of these media(closed up examples below) will affect how a particular pattern design would look.
Commercial Grade


Only the media with the best print appearances would be selected for eventual production.

Initial production prints

Product print samples

More than just patterns
Surface patterns not only add colours to your space, but it also adds personality and style to all areas of our lives. From the clothes we wear, to the upholstery and furniture in our homes, and even the gift wrapping papers!

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