Eco-friendly wallcoverings

By February 19, 2019 February 20th, 2019 News

Wallcoverings do project stunning visuals, but not at the expense of adding up to the increasing landfills around us.
Homeowners seeking environment-friendly products seems to be the norm in this day and age. Below is one such example of a fabulous print.

Terralon™ has an ‘Orange Peel’ texture (great for hiding surface imperfections!)

This is particularly so for those in the design world. From home builders to interior designers, many eco-friendly options are now important considerations in the design, build and completion process.

We are no different and now forms part of the eco-system. Constantly on the lookout for such green solutions, we seek to acquire and evaluate the right print media. One such example is DreamScape’s Terralon™ PVC-free wallcovering.


  • Free from PVC/POA(Olefin), Plasticizers, Chlorine, Formaldehyde and Heavy metals.
  • Made up of 31% post-consumer recycled material.
  • Extremely low VOC that meets California CDPH Standard for Schools and Offices (CA 01350).

Another key feature pertains to mould and mildew growth in a high moisture environment. This presents serious health risks to the occupants due to prolonged exposures. Other compliance specifications can also be found here.

The DreamScape’s Terralon™ wallcoverings are ‘Breathable’ as they offer high permeability rating(ASTM E96). This is a great option for mitigating problems with mould and mildew growth behind wall surfaces. With that being said, no wallcoverings, even when permeable, should be considered a guaranteed cure for such problems. Therefore, it is important to use a mould and mildew inhibitor in both wall primer and the wallcovering adhesive to assure best results.