Should you be branding your commercial vehicle?

By April 24, 2018 September 28th, 2018 News
Commercial Vehicle

Do I need to advertise my commercial vehicle?
A Journeyman HVAC tech who had recently started out on his own, Chris drives a Dodge commercial vehicle. Contracted by a building management company, he works on various job sites but very often he has to wait between service calls. So he began wondering if he should be taking on additional calls as he has a good network of tradespeople.

You need a more effective marketing tool
Stefano, an owner-operator of a small computer repair outfit, owns a brand new Nissan NV200. Since it’s a new business setup, Stefano began spending countless nights working on his online marketing activities. Somehow, he felt the effort wasn’t quite enough.

Your commercial vehicle works for you, not the other way around!
The above-mentioned are true-life examples of individuals trying to grow their business. They both have something in common and probably didn’t realized how valuable their commercial vehicles are. If you are looking for a way to stand out from the competition without busting your budget, implementing commercial vehicle wrap is a very effective way.

It’s a no-brainer
A small business that doesn’t brand their vehicles is missing opportunities in promoting their services. An eye-catching livery with contact details can attract potential customers. Statistics have shown this to be a ‘no-brainer’ and it’s yours to lose. A research published by 3M™, driving around in traffic-heavy areas, vehicles can be viewed by more than 3000 potential customers per hour. Another report as of March 31st, 2017, commissioned by Alberta Transportation, there are 933,817 registered vehicles in Edmonton and area. That’s a lot of potential customers!

Mobile advertising
An economical and highly effective mobile advertisement that goes wherever you go, even when it’s parked overnight! Fleet vehicles proudly advertise the company, outside your office or at job sites, substantially boosting your company profile. Your repeated drives to and from work equate to running of an advertisement in the local newspaper/billboard, but at a fraction of the costs. It remains the lowest cost-per-impression of any major advertising medium. A recent survey by the American Trucking Association came up with these:

  • 75% says they formed their first impression of a business based on the vehicle graphics.
  • 91% of these same people developed a lasting memory and could still recall aspects of the vehicle wrap several days later.

Is commercial vehicle wraps the right approach for my business?
Furthermore, the versatility of fleet graphics when produced with the help and expertise of a creative services provider would yield results. These can be retail, food and beverages, professional services and service professionals. Fleet graphics presents you the best ROI (Return On Investment) any business owners would yearn for.