Personalized digital printing in 2018

By April 1, 2018 September 28th, 2018 News
Personalized digital printing

Design & Printing is inseparable
First of all, design is always a major component of any project. While this is true, printing is no less important as it lends its weight to a finished product. Furthermore, one can have the best and innovative design elements, but without printing, one cannot bring his or her design to life. More importantly, this is where Personalized digital printing comes into play.

Over the decades, printing technologies have evolved tremendously. From analogue to digital, to 3D. Due to the advancement in printing technologies, we are now in the position to leverage on them.

Personalized digital printing
This is one trend to watch this year. When it comes to production, the stability and maturity of lies in the economies of scale, as lower cost for consumables makes it a viable option for business owners, which passes on the savings

Digital printing continues to erode market share from offset presses. According to a report by Smithers Pira, it accounts for 16.2% of the global print market value and 2.9% of the volume. While it may seem minute, there’s no stopping of this upward trend, in terms of faster turnaround, lower costs, especially for lower volume print, runs. Consequently, this is an efficient way to create personalized products as the entire process, from conceptual to print, can be adapted very quickly.

Similarly with personalized digital printing, comes ‘Direct-to-object’ printing. Likewise, no minimum order quantity required would appeal to small businesses. With special gloss ink in both matte or gloss finishes, creating embossed effects are no longer an expensive affair. Below are some examples that we regularly work on.

  • Bespoke office stationaries.
  • 360° printing on cylindrical objects such as glass or plastic bottles.
  • Unique and customized smartphone or tablet protective cases.
  • Promotional door gifts such as golf balls, pens, keyrings and many more.
  • Short-run product labels (farmer’s market, local producers, etc.).

The preference for personalization is here to stay. A recent article (“Four Ways Digital Printing Delights This Holiday Season”) touched on the same subject matter. You can read it here.

Is UV printing the way to go?
The current generation of UV-LED inks and primers enables a myriad of objects that can be printed on. For these reasons, the industry is beginning to explore some highly creative avenues to expand their offerings to their customers. This trend is indeed set to spearhead the personalization segment.

We know our stuff
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