What exactly is ‘Printerior’ ?

By February 6, 2019 News

In a nutshell
Printeriors basically refers to printed interiors in the context of interior décor. Anything from wallcoverings, murals, to digitally printed textiles, such as pillowcases, shades, etc.

It first gained prominence in Europe back in 2015 where leading digital printing and substrate manufacturers got together and showcased a range of new applications targeted at the interior design communities. This approach highlights the creative possibilities when harnassing digital print technology to realising new interior design concepts. These include retail, residential, commercial, hospitality. While it may have an established presence in the EU, it has been gaining traction in North America in the last 12 months.

Designed and Made in Canada

These patterns are designed in Edmonton, AB

That empty space
There’s something missing on that wall in your bonus room. Perhaps the one next to your dining table. Or your child’s bedroom needs a makeover. There’s always that ’empty’ space one didn’t realise a transformation could create an aesthetically pleasing look easily.

Your office
Are your walls looking bland now after decided you had enough of those inspirational posters? Or while walking along the corridor you can’t help but noticed you have an entire stretch of unloved walls? The opportunities that are open to you now is endless!

Or your bistro
Every food & beverage establishments are different. Not just the food but the décor. This is especially true nowadays when you have a diverse variety of cuisine (Ukrainian, Polish, Asians, British, East Indians, Spanish, Greek, Italians and many more) available in your city. The interior ambience is infused with these different cultural themes and imagine the bland looking walls that are left untouched. Leveraging on the printerior concepts not only makes you stand out, but it could also be one of your best investments!

cultural prints

Diverse cultural themed prints

And it’s Eco-Friendly too!
Digital printing technology has evolved so much that its environmental footprint is getting smaller. The same goes for the substrate(i.e. media) manufacturers.

Greenguard Gold certified

Printed using Greenguard Gold certified inks

Utilizing the best available equipment and eco-friendly materials to produce our digital wallcoverings will always be our goal. Our range of media are FSC® certified, PVC-free, manufactured using anything from 11% to 31% post-consumer recycled content.  Our digital printing inks are GREENGUARD Gold certified that is acceptable for use in schools and healthcare facilities.

In our next blog entry, I shall highlight more of these eco-friendly features and the difference between each media. You might also be interested in our previous blog “Wallpaper trends in 2019”. You can read it here.

Meanwhile, get in touch with us if you have any further questions!